hair extentions
The trend has always been the case, good not afraid of fading, and will continue to burn. In general, fashionable hair extensions for men tend to be good at the classic into the trend!

Undercut is a kind of short hair extensions for men , thin shaved on both sides of short, moderate length of the middle, giving the impression clean neat simple.Male students of different girls, boys are most troublesome is the ear side of the hair, Undercut characteristics are particularly suitable for this group of people. (Of course, both sides of the thickness of the direction and the middle comb, side comb, on the comb, can be flexible concave shape).Variety undercut, the middle perm, Grandma Purple is also a new game.

Very short inch head There is a saying that men have left the hair extensions for men is small inch head. Do not hurry to deny that primary and secondary high school, flat-headed small flat head. Inch head is not anyone line, the key to see the face, first look in the mirror, see if you are not a rectangular cone face.

Korean separately ha,Look at the Korean play sent boredom, you can also see the handsome no justice hair extensions for men of the handsome man how to dress up to fool the ignorant girl. Korean Department of hair, the performance of warm male temperament is superb, be careful of your skin color, the skin side of the hot white wave hot volume look good.

Twist braid Both sides of the cut short, the middle to stay long, it is actually changed the look of the undercut, the middle tie twist braids, very interesting hair extensions for men , dyed a brown, golden brown look better.

Twist braid